Focus On Mental Healing Day Eleven: Reflect On Your Struggles And Strengths

from success to confidence and repeat sign on blackboard with arrows, psychology and mindset shift concept

While I let fear of failure stop me for years from attempting to do anything to better my circumstances, I decided a few years ago that nothing ventured was nothing gained. This led me to embrace challenges that were not within my everyday safety zone of behaviors, and reap many benefits. I will say that I know that knowing my strenghths has helped me to jump in with both feet into new territory, and taking stock of my struggles has helped to adress areas that I need to work on.

I did not embrace challenges well in the beginning of my mental healing journey, but I find that I like to overcome my struggles now – this is a great confidice booster, as I said I had a fear of failure. It is wise to take stock of struggles and strenghts because it can help to show areas that need improvement and can aid as a confidince booster that will ease anxiety, depression, and feelings of self worth. I recomend spending time working on areas that you struggle with often to help build confidince. Also, spending time regularly utilizing your strengths will provide a great boost to determination. I hope that this post is helpful to someone!

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