Focus On Mental Healing Day Nine: Go On A Digital Detox

Concept digital detox. Turned off mobile phone and the inscription rest

The social media consumption my life out weighs the time that I spend towards mental healing self care. Social media, while intertaining, can be a mentally draining social rollercoaster that overpowers my desire to better myself, and this creates more mental health issues than before. I have come far from where I started by striving to better my situation, and I do not need to quit now! If you are in the same situation, read on!

A digital detox can take care of this problem, and help you to develop better habits that can occupy your extra time – and improve the quality of your life at the same time. There are many ways to spend your time that will improve your mental health, such as: hiking, reading, art, bottany, and so on. There are even proven ways that habits can better your mental health.

Hiking/walking outdoors allows time in nature which improves your mood; it can help to clear your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and overall, provides a positive feeling. Spending time in the sun has many mental health benefits as well; exposure to sunlight causes the production of the brain’s feel good hormone, Sertotonin, which can increase focus and help maintain a calm demeanor.

Reading can help boost your mental health by reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and by sharpening the activity of the mind. I always reach for self help books or a book that will teach me a new skill, but I do not believe that the genre matters.

Art is a great way to spend quality time offline, and there are so many forms of art to choose from. I like to sing and write, but I have always wanted to paint; taking up new art forms can help build creativity and reduce stress, so I just may. Mentally, creating art can trigger the reward center of the brain, which causes the brain to produce Dopamine, a feel good chemical.

There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to activities to take us away from social media and the digital distractions that occupy our time, and so many reasons why they are beneficial to our mental health. I for one need to commit to daily time slots of activities that are not battery powered, digital distractions, and I know that I can reap so much on my mental healing journey! I hope that others will join me.

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