Focus On Mental Healing Day Seven: Practice Gratitude

A great boost to my mental wellness has been to shift my perspective from negative to positive. I have changed how I look at the situations in my life in a way that has elevated my mental health, and it is emotionally healing, spiritually wise, and helps to build the character that I need. The boost came when I began looking at things in a new way; I no longer viewed unplesant situations as all negative and hurtful. I instead tried to view the situation from a positive light, and see the end result being beneficial instead of hurtful. This is a great way to live life, and it is a great way to always have gratitude for events that I may not want to be going through.

If I can imagine the good insead of the bad, my mind is thinking positively, and I do not have to live with negatinity ruling it. And if I can find a reason to be grateful in every situation, I have eleminated the chances of my mind looking for the bad in any given situation. I just need the discernment to know that there is always going to be a positive point in every situation, and find happiness in that. I hope that others are encouraged by this post.

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