Focus On Mental Healing Day Six: Begin A Meditation And Exercise Routine

The importance of meditation and exercise on mental health are numerous, and, for someone suffering with mental illness, they can bring much needed balance to the mind. Meditation is something that I have practiced for twenty years now, and I am at a much better place mentally with it. I have journeyed from a very unhealthy 400 pounds, so exercise is something that I really enjoy, as well.

Meditation creates a greater sense of wellbeing within, and relieves anxiety and stress. It helps you to focus on one thing instead of the jumbled mess in the mind that overwhelms you. It can create a greater sense of peace within by eleminating the clutter of thoughts that seem to never end. With prolonged practice, meditation can help you to push the negative thoughts that usually trouble you away, and maintain tranquility within.

The effect of exercise on mental health is tremendous; after physical activity, the neurortansmiter, seratonin, is released which produces a feel good sensation in the body. Exercise decreases stress while building self esteem, which booth can boost mental health. Some other great benefits of exercise are: better sleep, sharper thinking, more energy, and improved memory.

I will say that I have come a long way from the place that I was 30 years ago when I first experienced my mental heath crisis, and two of the best helping hands have been medetation and exercise. Looking back now, these two tools are still very powerful, and I am utilizing them regularly. They have been very helpful, so I hope that others will adapt a daily meditation and exercise routine!

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