Focus On Mental Healing Day Four: Make Sleep A Priority

Sleep is an important part of the mental healing journey, and a regular sleep schedule is a key factor to the success along this road to mental wellness. It is well known that the brain processes many of the day’s events during sleep, especially the deep REM stages of sleep, and it is crucial for processing emotions and thoughts, as well. In fact, there are many processes that happen along the various stages of sleep, so getting quality, uniterupted sleep is crutial for optimal mental wellbeing. I would also like to make note that a regular sleep schedule is as important to mental health because inconsistancy in sleep can be as harmful to mental health as a lack of sleep.

Starting on a regular schedule can be beneficial to mental wellnes, and it will add so much energy to your day. I recomend starting with a schedule that allows your body to adjust to the idea that the bed is for sleep, and do not allow social media to carry you off to sleep. Another tip is to dim the lights for about 45 minutes before bedtime to allow the melatonin production to happen – this simulates the sunset, and melatonin is produced by a circadian rhythm in your body. The use of LED lights from your devices such as TV or celphones can hinder the melatonin production, so other activities are recomended during this time.

I hope the others are eager to start a regular sleep schedule that can benefit their mental wellbeing and segnificantly aid in the processing of emotions and thoughts from their day.

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