Focus On Mental Healing Day Five: Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important for people to have for safety and mental stability, and it is essential to stay within your comfort level. In the past, I tended to try to be a people pleaser, allowing myself to get in strange and harry situations, but as I have gotten older, I have gotten stronger at saying no. Putting me and my mental health first is not selfish or greedy – it just protects me. As I have gotten better at saying no, my self esteem has gotten better, so it has been beneficial for my emotional state, as well.

Setting boundaries and saying no to the things that will make you feel uncomfortable helps to restore the emotional energy that has been lost on those seeking to take resources that you can not spare. Your mental wellbeing is top priority, and saying no when you feel pressured to do some things you do not want to do is hard – but you are worth it. Putting yourself first is essential for mental healing and recovery, and anyone who does not understand may not have your best interest at heart! So, remember that if you do not set the boundary, no one will do it for you!

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