Focus On Mental Healing Day Three: Find A Hobby

Research shows that getting involved in a hobby can help reduce stress levels, anxiety, boost mood, and help relieve depression. This is because involving yourself in something that is interesting and rewarding takes your mind off of the stressful, anxiety causing thoughts and allows it to focus on something that is pleasant and fulfilling. Doing a hobby that you are interseted in causes the release of the feel good neaurotransmiter called Dopamine in the brain, which can banish anxiety and depression with just the thought of doing the hobby. Hobbies are easy to find, and anything can classify as a hobby. YouTube is full of tutorials on a wide range of subjects from crocheting to painting and from bellydancing to cooking. There are many hobbies which do not require much money to invest in materials to start, so I hope that you will begin an activity that you have been wanting to try, today – for better mental health!

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