My Healthy Mind Series: The Importance Of Establishing A Daily Mental Wellness Routine

The old addage that says if you don’t love yourself, you cant love anyone else has some validity to it. The reasoning is simply because you have to be able to care for yourself enough and get what you need in order to give top quality to others. I am guilty of running on left over steam and leaving off some of the essential me time, so I am reminding myself to make time for self care.

The physical and mental boosts of self care outweigh any excuse that I have for putting off the much needed devotion to give me the attention that I deserve, and I know this, but I allow the overwhelming struggles of every day life to build up until I am last on my list of priorities. A friend once said that she had a list of four self care items that she refused to do without on a daily basis, and that is an inspiring statement.

There are, in fact, four areas that I am choosing to talk about; these are my must haves every day, and I am reminding myself how important they are. A neat and tidy home, a clean body, meditation, and daily physical activity/adequate water intake are essential for a healthy body, and they are indespensable for optimal mental health.

The importance of a neat and tidy home affect the physical and mental wellness. Physically, a cluttered space leaves you lethargic, with low energy levels and a desire to over sleep. Visual clutter also causes mental clutter. Actually, most of the brain’s power is utilized on visual stimuli – with over stimulation comes an overworked mind. Essentially, the less there is for the eye to rest on – less clutter – the less overstimulation there will be jumbling up your brain. A clean and clutter free home leads to more energized productive days.

A clean body is important for optimal physical health as well as mental wellbeing. The body functions better physically when it is taken care of and cleanliness is essential for healthy skin and flora – after all, the skin is the body’s largest organ. Mentally, the daily shower gives the newness of a fresh start, as if mental stress or troubles are wiped away. I have noticed how a shower can lift my spirits and almost wash away any mental blues that I may have been experiencing. The act of water running over your body does rejuvinate you enough to lift away heavy burdens and makes you feel refreshed – a mental purification.

Meditation has many benefits, both physicaally and mentally. Physically, it strengthens our imune system by reducing stress and helping to lower heart rate and blood pressure; it can also help with chronic pain management. Mentally, meditation reduces anxiety, increases alertness, and helps to improve memory. I like to refer to the anxiety busting property of meditation as my calm shield – it is my best friend!

Daily physical activity and adiquate water intake are essential for your body and mind on many levels. For optimal physical health, physical activity is recommended every day in some form, and adequate water intake is essential for functioning on cellular levels within the body – not to mention water aids in the lubrication of the joints. The affect of daily physical activity on mental wellness is tremendous! The body produces feel good hormones during exercise that boost mood and stabelizes the stress levels within the body. These hormones are produced when small amounts of exercising is done, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther away from the entry of the department store to do shopping. Adequate water intake is also beneficial to the mental health by allowing the neurotransmiters of the brain to operate properly, and scientists believe that mental illness results from neurotransmiters in the brain not functioning normally.

There are many ways to love yourself, and putting selfcare as a priority is a must. I have listed four of my daily must have self care essentials, and I challenge anyone who struggles with mental health issues to prioritize a self care regimine that they can not do without on a daily basis. Mental illness is a thief of time and a liar that says that important things will take too long to invest the time in – don’t believe the lie! Mentall healing is worth time invested daily for your betterment!

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