Mental detoxification

Forbs compiled a list of 14 ways to mentally detox and decluter your mind, and there are several on the list that should be practiced every day. I would like to highlight these and discuss why they are benneficial to any mental healing journey.

One important aspect of detoxifying the mind is to remove the need to have excessive worry. A running list of things that we usually spend our extra time worrying about will free up our minds to feel secure that we will remember them. This will take the pressure off of our brain to constantly think about the subject and worrying to do it, and declutter our mind from stress.

Another brain dumping tool is journaling. This helps us to deal with confusing emotions or thoughts that are perplexing, and it gives the mind a hard copy of the data that it is trying to process. Even if it is not yet making sense, it is benneficial to journal regularly to help put thoughts and emotions to words.

Spending time in nature is a rewarding and relaxing way to bring clarity to the mind when practical. There are many physical and mental health bennefits to be outdoors on a daily basis.

Making long term goals is a great motivational tool to help direct your casual and not so casual day to day activities. A vision board is a great way to choose healthy and wise choices now for your future betterment.

Detoxifying the mind requires a reduction of social media, and there are several ways to help with this step. There are downloadable extensions that record how much time you spend on certain social media sites, and even deleting certain social apps from your phone may be neccesary. Taking a day off from posting on social media will rduce the desire for your choices to “look social media worthy” and will reduce the deire for you to worry how your activities will “look.” Making it difficult to sighn into social media apps is another way to reduce time spent mindlessly scrolling.

Mental peace is worth the time and effort daily, and detoxifying the mindless activities that cause undue stress or use up mental peace space is a no brainer. I hope that others can join me as I make more room for peace and tranquility in my life in the coming year and eliminate the toxic habits that rob my peace!

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