Growth Mindset For The New Year Day Twenty-Five: Take Ownership Of Your Attitude

Mental illness has a way of generating thoughts within the mind that create a pattern for the sufferer, and the thought pattern often causes more social isolation than the victim would like. When I began having the thought disorder problems that accompanied my mental illness, I lashed out to fight back the thoughts and whatever was causing the mental pain. This did not really help me, but it took quite a few years for me to see that, so I developed the attitude that my problems all stemmed from external forces.

A very wise friend gave me the advice that I am in control of my choices and how I choose to let the external forces affect me, so how I react to them is also my choice. Giving someone else power over my emotions is giving away too much power, so I choose to allow my years of meditation and relaxation create the inner calm like they are designed to do, and I also apply this to my attitude. If I maintain my unmovable calm within, I can own an attitude that gives me the win in any situation – even if I do not always come out on top, I can win with a calm attitude that speaks for itself!

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