How To Make A Mini Zen Garden For Your Small Space

The effort is minimal, but the results are huge with this mini tabletop Zen Garden. It is easy to make with very few needed supplies, and there can be many years of enjoyment from your handiwork.

You will need:

  • Sand from the craft store or some that you find that is cheap
  • A decorative fork or mini rake to rake the sand periodically
  • A vessel to hold the sand and rocks – preferably flat and shallow
  • Decorative rocks from the craft store or some that you find that are cheap

I took pictures with my phone of the materials and the step by step process.

I purchased craft sand.

I just used a decorative black fork as my rake.

I chose a Zen looking shallow wooden decorative bowl for my vessel.

I added the sand into the vessel.

I selected interesting looking decorative rocks for my garden.

I started making patterns in the sand with my rake.

I added my decorative rocks in a pleasing manner.

I made a new pattern in the sand.

I am very pleased with the finished product and I look forward to raking and grooming my Mini Zen Garden daily. This activity is a great stress reliever and helps to take your mind off of burdensome things. I like to rearrange the rocks and make new sand patters daily for a lift in my spirits every day. I hope that others can enjoy making their own Mini Zen Garden for small spaces!

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