Teach Our Children To Respect Differences Of Others

Our kids are listening.

They hear you talk about what you really think about their school teacher.

They know what you say about their aunt when you leave the family gathering.

They know what you think about someone who looks or acts differently because they heard the way you giggled or sneered about that person in the grocery store.

You can read all the books on kindness to them. You can talk their ear off on the value of kindness. But when they hear you judge and shame, gossip or ridicule, you’re normalizing it for them. You are teaching them that it is OK.

Kids don’t learn how to tease or bully in a vacuum. Gossip, disrespect or cruelty don’t come naturally. They are learned behaviors. And many of them learn it in their very own home.

Because our kids are listening.

Kids mimic the actions of their parents

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