Happiness Motivation: Day Nine

It is never good to dwell on the negative or painful past memories and moments, no matter how recently they have happened. No amount of worry or upset can un live a bad moment – even if it just happened – and it will be painless in the long run to move past bad moments quickly to prevent negative thoughts from lingering which will cause a very negative attitude. No one is worth me giving up my inner happiness and joy, so I have learned to move past hurts quickly to allow my mental wellbeing to have the quality that it deserves. The great Yogi behind Isha Foundation, Sadhguru, once declared that if I allow someone else to anger me or upset me, then I might as well say that that person is in charge of my happiness; on the other hand, if I do not let the actions of others affect my emotions, then I am in charge of my happiness. I choose not to let someone else’s actions determine my state of emotional wellbeing, and I am learning not to let the actions of others have any effect on me. I hope that others can use this blog post for their well being!

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