I May Have Lost Some Time, But I Have Gained So Much More

Even though it can be hard dealing with every day life while living with mental illness, I have been boasting greatly on my blog about how far I have come, so I find it hard to show my face on a site that promotes mental healing while I can not overcome my despair enough to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month! How bad could it have been?? It was bad – I mean taking me back a few years bad!

I could have spent the entire two months of mental healing vacation (I haven’t blogged in about that long) overcoming with my usual weapons of choice: meditation, yoga, a healthy diet and exercise; but I have been watching blogs of other mental health champions – so much that I wanted a new game plan for my life. While there is nothing wrong with aspiring to betterment by admiring the success of others, I should never think that mimicking the lifestyle of others will bring about the same results for myself – especially in the area of mental healing!

There is so much to be learned from watching someone else blog about their mental recovery that makes me eager to dive in and experience the lifechanging breakthroughs that they are having, but on a journey that deals with such an individual canvas as mental health, it pays to not try to experiment too much from the known avenues of successes that you do have -but try new things. The reality is that I am an aspiring health food blogger, and want to gain from the people that I follow, but I should never expect my outcome to be a carbon copy.

The problem came from my desire to experimented with new aroma therapy scents. It was one of the worst choices for me to make and was a heavy price to pay to learn a valuable lesson. I know that trying new things for mental healing, such as a new meditation or new relaxation technique, can be easily applied to the current tools for mental health success, but I now know that trying a new aroma therapy scent, when I already have one that is highly successful, can be left off. There are times when you learn from your mistakes, and the desire to try something new has helped me to know the wealth that I already had in my favorite aroma therapy choice.

I will say that this may seem like too much ado about an incense stick, but it just goes to show that the tools that I see working are working! I hope that this life lesson can be useful to others, because I want people to know that what is helpful for one person may not be as helpful to another, and it is important to be aware enough to know how you are affected by the tools for mental healing that you use.

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