Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 12th Redefine Natural Gift

To start this year right, I decided to develop a growth mindset that will elevate my lifestyle to a new level. This will give a needed boost on my journey to better mental health. An important thing to remember is that creating new habits is a way to redefine the ways of thinking that already exist. I would like to point out that the brain and a person’s way of thinking is not set in stone, unlike memory, but the day to day habits that we have held on to all of our lives can be cultivated over time. Keeping the attitude that I will redefine my weak points to make quality improvements for a better lifestyle is a great way to be open minded to the changes. It is not about changing personalities to be like someone else, but rather the pushing out of harmful habits to make way for new habits that improve lifestyles, such as determination to create a savings by eliminating spending addictions , and being more considerate of others in social situations. I am excited to put effort into developing some much needed skills for my betterment, and I hope that others will be encouraged to make changes for personal growth, as well.

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