Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 10th Growth Over Speed

It is an important idea to develop the growth mindset in a manner that promotes lasting change over rapid, and not permanent, change. The idea is to create lifestyle changes that allow for the betterment of self and will enable a higher quality of life. Opening the door to changes that will create a better skillset for self, including the openness to realize that I need a change in many areas, is best done at a pace that actually allows for growth. Change is important here, so the idea that I will speed through this to move on to what is next is not the answer. I am someone who prefers rapid results, and I feel that if it is not happening quickly enough, it is not getting done. For this reason, I want to remind myself to take a step back ever so often to see how much I have accomplished. I am reminding myself that it will take a while to develop these personal skills towards lasting improvement, so I feel the need to blog about this. I know that I am not the only one who needs to slow the pace, and I hope that others can be encouraged.

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