Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 6th Stop Seeking Aproval

As I attempt to grow in my way of living and ways of thinking about living, I need to understand that approval is not necessarily success, and success is not necessarily going to gain approval. The important thing to remember about my growth mindset development is that I should take the time to make lasting changes, and not speed through the processes to gain the ok’s from my peers. Not every person in my life will notice how hard that I am working on me, and those that do may not feel that change is needed. I have to remind myself that anything worth having is worth working for, so I want to make small changes at a time for lasting results. I am grateful for how far I have come on my journey to mental health, and that is reason enough to continue with my growth mindset. Every day is change, but gradual change is only recognizable from a long term view. I will remember this as I move forward and know that I am the one who will need to approve of the change in the long run. I hope that others can feel the motivation for self development this year.

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