Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 4th Retrain The Brain

Being set in my ways has its ups and downs, but while looking at productivity habits, I know that there has to be a better way. The brain is just as resilient as the rest of the body and it is not fixed – there is always room to add more knowledge and skills to the loads of information stored. Because the brain has plasticity, the mind should be just as adaptable and that is where my growth mindset to retrain my brain comes in. I have a jump start on the process because of the Isha Kriya that I have been practicing from my Sadhguru app (a free app that offers free meditation and yoga). I have noticed much more clarity and focus to handle every day activities – I really love the results from this meditation; its a yoga workout for the brain. I am looking forward to investing time to develop productivity habits that will allow for ease of life. My time is valuable, so I want to implement a time saving schedule that will stick – along with the brain’s plasticity comes ability to develop new habits. I am learning my most productive times of the day, such as early morning work to start my day, and I want to learn the best times of the day for every task. This step of my growth mindset will take some time, but it will be worth the investment. I hope that others will find this step in the growth mindset useful.


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