Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 2nd View Challenges As Opportunities

I am someone who shuns challenging moments, and it has kept me from advancement for far too long. I have, for years, been afraid of failure, so much so that I play it safe and opt out of chances to try something new. I am tired of this habit, and I am ready to face my days ahead with the growth mindset to embrace challenges to my betterment. I know that embracing opportunity with an optimistic outlook will be a chance for mental healing, and also a chance for new adventure for each new day. I look forward to allowing fear of failure to take a backseat to the lifestyle that I have wanted for many years. I know that it will be rewarding for me and feel ready for this step, as I have gained confidence over the past few years; confidence is empowering for those of us who have allowed peers to make us believe we are not strong enough to succeed. I hope that others who need to overcome fear of failure will join in giving adventure a chance.

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