Dily Affirmations For December: December 25th

I have struggled with mental illness for over 30 years, and taking the first step on my healing journey was the hardest part. I really did not think that someone could make sense of the jumbled thoughts that clouded my head at the time, but when I sat down to talk to a professional about it, they let me know that I will be ok and that I was not alone. I know that I would not be here today had I not sought support from professional counseling so long ago, and I am thankful for the friends ad family who encouraged me to seek help. Today’s daily affirmation will encourage me for the brave step that I took, and help me to know that it was something that made me stronger. Today, I will affirm within myself: “Reaching out for support shows strength!” There is so much stigma applied to professional counseling, and often people are ashamed to take the step, but I want to encourage others to reach out for help from those who have been trained to assist in these situations and see just how smart of a move it really is. I hope that others who are in need of help can be strong to get the best help for themselves.

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