December’s Daily Affirmations: December 9th

Though I feel that I have come far in my mental healing journey, I do still have anxiety issues. My thoughts on this are not always productive, and I beat myself up when I do not utilize my holistic practices to overcome my anxiety battles. I need to assure myself that it is ok to have moments of anxiety, and today’s Daily Affirmation will help me to allow myself to not feel pressured to be perfect every time. Today, I will declare: “I am allowed to have mental health struggles!” This is not moving in the wrong direction, but it will help me to be confident of my healing progress even when I am “not so good” at overcoming the daily struggles effectively. I know that there are moments that I will waver in my ability to stop anxiety triggers, and, today, I acknowledge that, without self criticism. I hope that others who feel the weight of anxiety can know that anxiety is not defeat of mental healing.

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