Daily Affirmations For December: December 2nd

I like to think that I have come far enough, and am in tune enough with my mind, to see anxiety triggers coming from a long way off. I am not able to very often, but the times that I can help me to know that these triggers are not at all positive and dwelling on them are most hurtful to my mind. Today, I am choosing a Daily Affirmation that will help me to recognize the hurtful thoughts and redirect my mind towards a better path. I will meditate and dwell on the fact that: “I challenge my negative thoughts with positive ones!” The times that I am able to redirect my thoughts towards positivity has helped me to know that this way of thinking – redirecting anxiety – is mentally healing and rewarding to focus on. I do know that I have a long way to a full mental recovery, but the progress that I have made has been with tactics just like this. I hope that others will join me in redirecting thoughts to a more peaceful state of mind.

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