Yes I Can!

Stressful situations in my life and fear of failure have stopped my progress towards mental happiness far too many times! I have reached a point in my life that I am no longer going to let fear stop my progression towards a better life. I would rather jump in with both feet moving in a better direction than to wait for my anxiety to calm down only to wish I had not lost time and opportunity for success. I believe in taking chances to move in the right direction rather than to wait for divine guidance to better my life. Christianity teaches about praying for the right path (and I do), but while I sit to wait for an answer from the creator, I am letting chances pass me by – I can gain by using intuition and gumption rather than loose the opportunity to make my move while believing that I need a divine ok for everything I do. Because the voice of my anxiety undermines my success, bravery will carry me far – far enough to see that most of my anxiety is meritless without me giving it power. I am so thankful for the spiritual teachers in my life that have instilled this in my consciousness.

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