Two Steps Forward And One Step Back

Today marks another milestone on my mental health journey. I just started a new job that I thoroughly enjoy and gain much mental blessings from; I am a cashier at my local department store, which I have done before and love. While I enjoy the adventure that each new day brings, I have had less ‘me time’ than usual, and it is starting to show. This along with the challenge of not having our usual bankroll delivery for the last few days has put a strain on the cashiers and team leaders that help things to run smoothly (making change is challenging without a steady supply of change). This is where I am giving thanks for my headway in my mental healing today; the stress of the trying day did not make me regret my day or think I had a bad day, but it was a great day and I can only say how much fun I had doing my job.

I realized this while trying to explain how challenging the workday was, but all of the stress rolled off my back and I am left with pleasant memories. Although I am not up to date on daily chores, and I have less time to get things done, I can see how things are working in my favor; two steps forward and one step back is still not where I started to begin with. In the past, this day would have been too hard to work through due to stress causing anxiety and mental anguish, but I am so thankful for my hard work towards my calm shield paying off! Meditation and yoga are two of the best practices that I have added to my life, and I hope to never go without them, again.

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