I Am A Winner!

As I try to better my circumstances, I am always faced with adversity. It is not just something that I face alone, but it is a part of life. I only know my point of view, and it seems that my mental disorder causes me to blame the ones in my life that are not on my team. However, I have learned through the Isha Foundation leader, Sadhguru, that it is only the implanted memory of previous situations that my mind clings to during times of distress. Knowing how the others on the opposing team feel about me links the memory of the past with them to the issues at hand. And, again, I am not alone in this.

Although the memories of my past will work against me, I can us them to better my present situation. When my mind tries to play the blame game, I can look at the situation to monitor my behavior. I do know that there are those in my life who do not want me to succeed, but to blame all of my problems on these few people only causes me to make the same mistakes again. I can allow myself to read the red flags that my mind creates, and take alternate steps to better the outcome of daily situations.

When I blame others for the problems in my life, I am only batting for the other team, because it keeps my attention away from self improvement. I can, however, focus on my life and the issue at hand and develop ways to overcome each new issue. My mental health has improved over the past 30 years to the point that I am enjoying being a people person, again. In the past, I have felt so mentally beaten and battered that I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel – and being around people only made things worse. I can clearly see how much improvement has happened in my mental well being since those days, and I know that devoting my mental focus on me, instead of finding someone to blame, can bring another level of mental healing my way.

Last night, the old saying: ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us Is Making Us Stronger’ was on my mind and I decided that I would remind myself that each situation of daily life can cause me to lay down and quit or it can help to build me into a stronger person. I choose to be stronger.

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