Ways To Increase Positive Energy

There are many ways that positive energy can enhance daily living, and there are many areas that deserve attention to create positive energy flow. In the home, Feng Shui can redirect the flow of energies in a positive manner; likewise, in the home, the neatness of it contributes to the flow of energies – whether positive or negative. Mental and emotional wellbeing depends greatly upon the creation of positive energy, and chaos can be felt when cleanliness is neglected.

I enjoy watching Julie Khuu on YouTube, who is a Feng Shui decorator, and I am sharing a few videos from her channel. I have followed her advice on a some ways to position furniture in my home, and have really noticed a change in the air – it lightened the air and brought a pleasant positive vibe.

Starting with the front door of your home, you can use Feng Shui to invite weath and prosperity into your home. Please enjoy this video by Julie about Feng Shui and front doors.

With Feng Shui, every little aspect of decorating is addressed according to directing the flow of energy in your home, so even the use of mirrors in the home has certain rules to follow. Fortunately, Julie had compiled another video all about the use of mirrors in the home within the Feng Shui guidlines. The above video details these guidlines.

One important aspect of Feng Shui in your home is your bedroom, and your bed, so I am sharing Julie’s video all about Feng Shui rules regarding beds. Please enjoy this vedeo by Julie about Feng Shui and beds.

The basics for beginners of Feng Shui in the home is another great area to work on, and Julie has compiled many tips in her video about this subject.

Another part of creating positive energy in your life has to do with your state of mind and emotional balance. Meditation is one way to harnes the emotional state and to bring in balance the mind’s very thought process. I have watched many videos by Sadhguru, the great Yogi behind Isha Foundation, about creating positive energy in one’s life and recomend his wisdom for added clarity and emotional healing.

On the subject of mental clarity, Sadhguru is wise and full of information. I have watched several videos regarding this subject alone, but I am listing two of my favorite videos by Sadhguru that touch on the topic of emotions. His wisdom explains the fact that we experience emotions inwardly but try to fix them outwardly.

These videos have just scraped the surface of creating a positive energy flow in your home and life, and I recomend delving deeper into these subjects on your own. I have really enjoyed applying effort into changing the atmosphere of my space, and I do feel that it has made a drastic improvement in the positive energy in my home. I hope that others have found this information useful, and if this subject is something that you would like more from me on, please let me know!

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