love yourself with your diet

I am grateful for the healing power of a plant based diet and the clear headedness that it brings. My mental wellbeing, as well as my physical health, deserves the best that I can offer them, and I find that my best health comes from the Whole Foods Plant Based Diet. The diet gives me optimal health benefits and I feel like a well oiled machine. I do still fall off of the vegetarian wagon at times, and I can notice the difference in my emotional, physical, and mental state. I once saw a YouTube video on how to obtain healthy benefits from the food that you eat which said the best thing to do is not to compromise when choosing foods, and I let this guide most of my food purchasing decisions – and I would not to go back to my old way of shopping. I just love the way that the physical health boost of this diet has also boosted my self image, and hope that others can find joy from a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle.

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