I have much gratitude for the journey to mental wellness and how I am made better by it. I remember my first encounter with the mental healing power of meditation in 2009. My therapist began to have me to listen to a meditation CD during our weekly sessions, and, though it was new to me, the relaxing power of meditation was immediately something that I loved. I was sensetive enough, even then, to notice the changes that it had upon my mind, so I began to look into other holistic practices that calm the mind and create peace within.

Over the years, I have used many forms of calming music and meditation to help with areas of my life, such as sleep, anxiety taming, and mental restoration. A few years ago, I saw a trailer YouTube video about a institute called Isha Foundation headed by the great Guru, Sadhguru. He is a powerful teacher, and talks about how to bring wellness to every area of one’s life. This great teacher has taken my mental healing to new levels. His teachings have gotten me outside of my head and made me realize that it is more than just about me. His work is valuable, and I hope that others can find it useful, as well.

My journey has taken many roads, but the lessons obtained on them are what is delivering my mental healing. Though I cannot explain the transformation within, I desire for others to experience this newness of life.

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