Again, I want to praise the works of Isha Foundation leader, Sadhguru, because I am grateful for the clarity of mind that comes from following his practices. He offers insight into the human mind, behaviors, and the problems facing those of us who suffer mentally. He, also offers meditation practices which have been instrumental in my mental recovery. I love the humor that he applies to the teaching sessions, and I have noticed that the facts that he uses to apply to his teachings are so true. I have often heard that life is not what it seems, and when he showed me to apply this to my mental health and anxiety issues, I began a new era of my recovery. There are apps and YouTube videos of sessions with his wisdom. One step that I have not taken is the Inner Engineering class that he offers online or at the two Isha Centers (one in India and the other in Tennessee); I plan to take it within the next year, and look forward to growing in mental health. My gratitude for the new direction in my mental recovery is directed at someone that I admire greatly, and would not change the direction of my life for the love of him.

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