Gratitude Challenge DAY THIRTEEN:

Giving room for improvement is necessary and beneficial. When I take a look through other’s eyes I can pinpoint my character flaws that I may have missed. This helps to encourage myself to strive for spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. I know that by improving on social skills, I can bring lasting improvements and allow myself to overcome the attitude of ” it’s all about me.”

I am grateful for the chance to improve my flaws that hold me prisoner within myself – I love having a growth determination. I believe that emotional healing comes from taking the focus away from my troubles by putting it on others around me. There are many social skills worth using, and letting others have the attention that they deserve, instead of me, it is beneficial. There are many habits that I have that seem to be character flaws, but using the social opportunities to focus on others is a great start towards improvement. A growth attitude is something that I try to employ and it is the right attitude to overcome social anxiety.

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