I have much gratefulness for the many family members and loved ones who give me the mental support to better my circumstances. In the darkest moments of my life, I was was wallowing in my own pity and too blinded by trauma to see that I have support from those who care. It took a great deal of healing to see the helping hands outstretched. I know that my loved ones are rooting for the best for me, and I have healed mentally enough to learn to listen and cherish advice. The Holy Bible states that two is better than one, for with two, one shall lift up the other, and a three fold cord shall not easily be broken. I am so thankful my support team, and I look for opportunities to give back the same love. It is my desire that all who are feeling alone and left out know that there are people who want the best for them. I have spent time as a social recluse, and prefer the help and support that I have better than wandering around to find my own way.

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