So many reasons to give thanks!

So many times in my daily living, it seems that the positive attitude within me gets shoved aside by negative and irritable feelings of offense and strife. These feelings are detrimental to my mental wellbeing and level of joy. I ask myself which emotion is worth developing, and my answer is most definitely joy – along with a great sense of peace. Unfortunately, everyday life contains chaos, which threatens to derail the goodness within. I am fortunate to have created a safety net of inner calm, and the more that I practice meditation, the quicker I can reign in the unwanted negative emotions.

Along with meditation, another time tested method to reduce negative emotions is practicing gratitude. Filling my thoughts and heart with positive feelings of gratitude will help to train my mind to overlook stressors and keep a calm, cool demeanor. I love how free my mind and spirit feel when I dwell on the good in life, and I want to create more ways to keep a positive outlook through out each day. I have decided to create for myself a 30 day mentally healing gratitude challenge, and I desire to document each day to measure growth in this area. I hope that others will decide to cultivate joy and peace for themselves.

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