For most of my life, I embraced a forgiving nature; but, at some point in my life, I began to hold on to many hurts and pains caused by others. This was during the time that my depression and anxiety began to develop an overdrive status. It was hard to come to the realization that, while my mind and heart carried the grudge, I was never going to be completely free of the pain, or emotional hurt. I found that telling others all of the wrongs done to me just put similar situations into my tomorrows. I am glad to have found the strength and emotional well being to overcome this fault. I still have to remind myself that emotional healing and mental wellbeing comes from letting go of all grudges and complaints, and to surround myself with the attitude of forgiveness. I may not like every thing about the people around me, or their actions, but letting go frees me to enjoy the rest of the day with a reason to smile instead of complain. The act of letting go by freely forgiving is one of the best tools for mental wellbeing. I have become aware enough to have a great deal of gratitude for the way that forgiving sets my mind free!

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