I am grateful for each new day. It seems that my best days are marked with lessons from previous day’s failures. Each new day brings the possibility to improve on yesterday’s mistakes. I am human, and often fall short of the goal of bettering myself, and I am always grateful for a fresh start each new day. I do appreciate another chance, because I know that I am not promised another – each new day is a gift. For this reason, I am always looking to add kindness to encounters that would potentially be anxiety makers. I find that being kind and courteous can overcome social anxiety. My social anxiety revolves around what I think about each new encounter. The little voice tells me that I am rude, prejudice, and self centered, and these stressors cause me social anxiety. I am working towards the goal of being anxiety free, so for this reason, I apply the past mistakes towards the growth of mental healing. Each new day brings a clean slate in my attitudes, and I am grateful for each fresh start.

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