My views of the people who work to make society function has changed. As a young adult, I did not fully understand how kindness or common courtesy should be used in day to day lives; I just did not think to give people credit for their efforts. Today, I now know just how important each member of society is, and am happy to let others know just how appreciated they are. Taking time to give a word of encouragement, or letting others know that their efforts and work is important and needed is a great way to spread positivity around you. I am sure that all can relate to the feeling of being under appreciated (and how unintentional rudeness can hurt), so I like to make extra effort to give a kind word and praise to those around me – such as the receptionist, workers at DR offices, cashiers, waitresses, and all who make an effort to help our days function better. Kindness is contagious, and I know how good it makes me feel to be praised. The attitude of thankfulness helps all around, including myself. I am happy to be a blessing to those around me, and hope to practice being appreciative of others every day.

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