I am so grateful for the ability and desire to meditate. The calming and peaceful qualities that I gain from time in meditation is so rewarding. The more meditation that I do, the more peace I gain inside, and I love utilizing my inner sanctuary. Anxiety can not reside in my emotions or thoughts while I turn inward through meditation; not worrying about these issues and maintaining a quiet calm during meditation creates the peaceful shield. It is good to note that you cannot stop the mind from wandering, but can choose to ignore it – this is how meditation helps to build peace. And the sense of inner peace is always there to help me along. I rely on my inner peace during times of distress, or when anger would normally be manifested. After 30 plus years of dealing with anxiety/depression, I have found relief in the calm shield (I had to develop this shield over time).

My calm shield is useful when dealing with mental and emotional attacks. As the stressors or thoughts turn against me, I simply close my eyes for a brief moment and open them to find the situation has changed for the better. Doing this helps to change the direction of my thoughts toward the peace that is inside. My meditation has evolved over the last 20 years, but it is something that gets better with time.

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