Productivity and organization are truly the way to an efficiently maintained home. Productivity has a way of adding positive energy to the day, but procrastination opens the door to anxiety and excessive mind/mood altering negative energy, which can clutter your thoughts for the day. Organization greatly helps to keep track of what needs to be done, and can lead to productivity with much less effort. There is a great payoff from completing tasks early in the day – that is the amount of time left afterward for relaxation and enjoyment. The amount of time waisted trying to summons the “get up and go” only creates bad energies and negative mind clutter; I find that the day seems to last much longer when I create the flow of positive energy by being productive and efficiently organized.

The are many areas in my life that have hindered my mental wellbeing, and, today, I am focusing on organizational skills to make the everyday homemaking tasks easier and more fruitful. I like to be organized and productive, but in the past, I have only catered to negativity. I am someone who functions better with systems in place, and I am developing new systems for my lifestyle. The idea is to cultivate peaceful and tranquil mind/mood energies. Being clutter free along with productiveness does cleanse the atmosphere to allow good energies to flow. Clutter has a way of causing oppressions within my days, so I am implementing a storage and cleaning system that I can stick to.

So many times, I wake up with the blues, and never recover. When I have a productive day, but end in a nonproductive way, I am sure to fail at my tasks for the next day. Turning in for the night in a productive way sets up the ‘great day’ for the next day. I have spent entirely too much time trying to get back to the old system of productivity, only to fall short of the mark and dwell in the loss. But I realize that I am not the same person that I once was. I am willing to work with my evolution, because when I do, there is much success.

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