The old saying ‘love is free’ sounds good, but it is not telling the whole truth. While the heart allows love inside, it also harbors pain and resentment. Love is free, except when bitterness and hostility causes pride to refuse to budge, and leaves an attitude of hatred. Pride can get in the way of the emotional healing quality of love, and it can grow inside of the victim causing negativity and mental turmoil. The mind will always gravitate towards any unresolved issues making it hard to focus on anything worthwhile.

Because of my experiences with the Creator, I have cultivated a method of moving through the bad attitudes that life throws at me. When I feel that I am pointing negativity towards some one, I push back and bring up an attitude of servanthood. This is one thing that I am grateful to have in my heart. Doing this frees my mind, allowing peace into my life. I am grateful for the times when I am treated kindly, despite my wrongs, and I believe that if I expect my follies to be overlooked, I should return the favor. I am not the only soul that reaps this reward, because kindness is contagious.

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