The Sunny Side Of Life

My depression and anxiety should not determine my attitude towards life. Life is sweeter when I push the negativity away – but if I allow myself to wallow in the negative, it will control me. Turning a deaf ear and blind eye to negative energies (not allowing the negative emotions to stay in my mind) can help me stop reliving my past- or live with the pain of it. The reality of life is that I can only generate happiness in my life when I realize that the drama, which seems overpowering, is not real – it is an illusion. The mind does naturally generate thoughts that elaborate on negative emotions, but when I stop letting illusions cause negative reactions within, I create positive energy. Doing this frees my mind, and the anxiety is not as burdensome.

I know that my 30 year journey from what seemed to be hell has brought me far, and I am realizing that I can overcome the walls that I created so long ago to feel safe and sheltered. The fact that I have experienced relief from the emotional merry-go-round, though I still have bad moments, does fuel my fire to expirience more from life. Life is what I choose to make it, and a positive attitude throughout my day gives me strength to push towards the goal line – and not feel trapped in a endless battle. The revolving door that is depression can whirl around if I let it, but I find that looking for a positive point of view, even when it hurts, makes the journey through life much happier.

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