Jelly activity ideas (Sensory and Science )

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Jelly is great for sensory play, small world and science experiments as it’s tactile, edible, smells great and also very versatile. Here are some of our favourite jelly activity ideas, from colour explosion jelly cakes, fake frogspawn and rainbow jelly to small world play, fruit slices, sensory trays and home made petri dish experiments.


1. Colour explosion jelly cakes

Injecting colours into jelly cakes is a brilliantly fun, colourful activity, that helps develop fine motor skills. All you need for this activity is 30 grams of Gelatine or Agar Agar powder, pipettes or syringes and something to colour the jelly with, for example food colouring, watered down paint or nature dyes.


First mix 30g of gelatine or agar agar powder with 1000ml of hot water in a plastic bowl. Stir thoroughly until the powder has fully dissolved. Pour the mixture into a plastic bowl and leave it to set in…

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