Meditation and Mental Health

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I have been on a quest for a healthy state of mental health, and I have uncovered great ways to stress less. Many people know about the mental health advantage of meditation, such as the way that prolonged use helps to keep a level head in any situation, and creates a calm and peaceful resort within. With daily meditation, anxiety that seems to plague the mind becomes less prominent. That is the whole idea when meditating, and meditating more than once a day increases the natural power that it provides. Not to say that there will no longer be irregular thoughts or stressors, but it creates a calm shield, blocking the sting of anxiety and depression. I love meditation, and hope that others will discover the healing benefits.

I have spent many years with mentation as an important practice in my daily life. One avenue that really helped me get the feel for meditation is the free app: My life With Meditation. The app offers support for people who suffer during the pandemic and, also offers support for the Black Lives Matter movement. They offer Latino meditations and meditations for teens. There is, also, now an app for children, Stop Breath Think Kids, which is an awesome way to help young children become happy and mentally healthy adults.

Following the wisdom of the great Yogi behind Isha Foundation, I am learning that, unlike budgets or households, stress should not be something to manage. This mindset is useful for allowing the stressors to become less effective as meditation becomes a daily habit.

There is no need of elaborate or costly items to enhance the meditative process, and it can be done almost anywhere. In fact, there are many meditation apps available for free on a phone, tablet, or computer. I really believe that peace of mind is a goal worth working toward, and a quiet moment in the day is something that most people search for. Meditation is a wonderful way to spend quiet time while allowing the healing power to equip the mind with strength and clarity.

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