Acts of Kindness

The mind is the battlefield because we as humans are battling for our own peaceful life. Those who have clear and peaceful minds are the very people who can help generate a better society and peacefulness in our world. But, those who are struggling with their mind – – and past – – are hardly able to see through their own turmoil. The hustle and bustle of society is one of the biggest reasons that the world is striving for enough day in each day. This is a prominent cause of the antisocialism of social recluses – – because socializing can often create more battle within the mind. When people with mental health issues try normal social engagement, their brain’s chemical imbalance causes the activity of their mind to become overburdensome.

The act of showing kindness to a friend enabled me to see that I am not alone in the battle for mental health. She and I were school mates in our teen years, and I was delighted to see that we had become neighbors. As she and I became reacquainted, I began to see that she had her own battles to contend with. I could see that she was dealing with anger issues, but I did not let this stop me from being a friend. The moment that I realized she was battling a mental illness, like me, I began to view her actions more closely. As I began to notice her actions while stressed and angry, I also noticed that the battlefield is the mind, and people with mental illness do not realize the source of their anguish. I saw that she felt as if the whole cosmos was laughing at her struggles with life .

While I could clearly see my pain, it was not possible to see hers. And, as I watched her behaviors more, I began to see that she could be in the same dark place that I was. This helped me the most in moving forward with mental health. And as I watched her struggling with her life, my outlook on the world around me changed for the better. I began to realize that other people are allowed the same grace that I expect. Sometimes, the rudest people may just need a kind word or a smile. For people with mental health illnesses, it is not always easy to communicate, and it can make one seem to be angered or irritated towards others. Their pain could be just like mine, and I am not able to read their minds. For this reason, I changed my outlook on life, and I now strive to be kind to as many as will let me. I know from my own personal experience that my attitude towards others is not always what it should be, and I strive to have a better attitude towards all.

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