10 Sweet wrapper activities and crafts ideas

I would love to use this for educational entertainment! Such a great blog that is chock full of fun activities.

Childsplayabc ~ Nature is our playground

We hate to waste anything and recycling and reusing materials is one of many small things we can all do to help the environment. So instead of chucking the Quality Street sweet wrappers from the chocolates we were given for christmas we came up with 10 different ways to use them in activities and crafts.

From light filters, colour theory, suncatchers, binoculars and secret messages to stained glass lanterns, butterflies, flowers, hairbows, collages and colour matching games. There are lots of fun ideas for children of all ages to enjoy


Please note: If you are using sweet wrappers from sweets or chocolates that contain nuts it’s best to wash the wrappers in warm soapy water before use to make sure any trace of allergens are removed.

1. Light filters

Multi coloured, transparent sweet wrappers make great light filters. You can hold then up individually to the light or tape several…

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