The Joy Of Less: Using Simplicity As A Tool

More than ever before, today’s media stars flaunt their paycheck with a rich and famous lifestyle, full of materialism; glamor and excessive living are displayed with every magazine, movie or music video. Consumers try to master the look of fame, but this is a never ending battle – Hollywood is ever changing. This can create a love of materialism – but all that glitters is not gold. Placing importance on ” Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” is not the way to self fulfillment or lasting peace. The truth is that money still does not buy happiness. In the end: cars turn to rust, objects do not retain the “out of the package feel” for long, and the new object of sentiment is yet to be purchased. Falling in the trap of using objects to fill a void could lead to cluttered surroundings, and that could cause a cluttered mind, as well.

A clutter free home compares to an open floor plan home renovation. The process of minimalism may not be that complicated, but it could become a spa retreat for the mind. It may not be possible to have spa visits on a regular basis, but the calming effect of uncluttered surroundings can become a sanctuary from the daily rat race. When paring down surroundings, the home will feel a new quality of peace, and allowing yourself to only choose the things that really speak to you in a meaningful way will create a tranquil home and mind.

The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is the path to comfort in the home and mind. The “stuff” in your home can add a heaviness that can clutter the mind with mental confusion; it can also cause a build up of emotional distress. An open and airy feel to the rooms in your home can reduce anxiety and help with focus.

The decluttering of your home should be a process that you do not just jump into. Organization and mapping your plan will allow there to be lasting results; you should try to categorize the “stuff” as you declutter, so as not to organize one way in the living room and another in your bedrooms and kitchen – it is easier this way, to know that everything has a place. As you move from category to category, there will be less stress – once one is done, move to the next. This allows you to better determine the items of importance, and what truly speaks to your heart.

It is simple to know when you have had enough decluttering throughout your home. The sense of mental balance gained will allow you to know that the coziness and comfort level is right for you – the sense of calm and tranquility will speak to you.

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