The mind is a tricky thing. There had been days when I believed that mine had taken off to entertain itself, which was one of the main causes of my anxiety flareups. Other times, it led me down a path of heartache, or I wondered why I could not find solace. Some days, I felt that I had a raging storm in my head. I know that everyone has days that they wish they could find solitude from their mental storm. Despite this, there is much that can be done to help, including self help tactics. I have learned of some ways, and, use them successfully to help tame my mental storm.


When I first began meditating, I could not keep a clear head to focusing on the meditation practice, until I learned of an ancient method. The men of India are the inspiration of this practice, because they often sit along the river banks, during the daytime, watching as the lotus flowers float down stream. This is said to be a very meditative. And, like the men who watch the flowers float down stream, I try to picture my mind as the river and let invasive thoughts float past me so that I do not dwell on them. There does not need to be a debate in my mind about why it came to mind, or why I cannot keep my mind quiet. As I allow the issue to float away without concern about it, I can quickly move back to watching my breath or to my meditative visualization process without disturbance. I find that this is an important tool to help keep anxiety at bay even when I am not meditating. This calms the stormy seas of my mind so that my day is more like a peaceful walk along the shore.

I would like to mention an app that I have used for so many years. It has been a valuable tool in my self help journey. The name of the app is “Stop Breath Think.” I hope that others will try it for themselves, because it has been a great help to me.

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