Finding The Me Time

Today has been an eye opener. As I started my day, the duties at hand were my focus. Later, when I became involved with projects that bring me joy, I realized how rushed I was to get through each task, which took the pleasure right out of it! This revelation came as a surprise to me; I thought that I was getting a handle on my inner sanctuary, but instead, I did not take the time to delight in the moments that add calm to my day. I feel that I must do something about this, because I want to get the most joy out of life.

Today’s society is focused on being next in line or are in a mad rush to get to work and home again. It seems that with all of the rushing, our lifestyle becomes a rush, and, in turn, the savoring moments in life seems so few and far between. This mindset will only leave one wanting more from life. True fulfillment comes at a slower pace and gives quality rest to the mind and body. The world is full of a busy rush to get the to the next destination; starting the day in a rush can affect the focus on our daily tasks.

Starting the day tending to things that bring me joy and happiness can really boost the feel good hormones; it is also a good way to shift my whole state-of-mind for the remainder of the day. When the morning alarm sounds, and all that I can focus on is the rush of activities for the day, the tasks are the focus and not a peace of mind. However, when I wake up and begin to care for my plants, feed my cat and give her affection, or use the first 5 to 10 minutes towards something meaningful to me, the day seems to not be such a “nose to the grindstone” type of day.

Keeping these things in mind, I hope to start each new day with a positive attitude and joy in my heart. Life has so much more to offer than the rat race that it has become. Even on the few breaks that I get during my day, I hope to cultivate peace and happiness by being creative with my time throughout my day. I choose Happiness! I chose Joy! I will add moments that cause stillness and rest to my mind. Who is with me?

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